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BluePoint Bioscience specializes in Application-Directed antibody development, and we employ design control procedures to help define the customers project requirements; from immunization to final antibody characterization. A close collaboration with the researcher is encouraged to select and optimize antigen for immunization, determine assay parameters, and develop characterization strategies that help ensure successful project completion.

Phase 1: Immunization
Optimized Immunization protocol
96-well EIA development for primary target and negative control screening
Serum titre analysis
Candidate confirmation

Phase 2: Fusion
Myeloma / spleen cell fusion
Primary screening
Positive-well cell isolation
Primary cloning and cloning efficiency analysis
Negative testing of isolates
Secondary cloning and tertiary cloning (as necessary to reach >95% cloning efficiency*)

*Cloning efficiency is determined by clone outgrowth positive antigen assay of up to 32 single-foci wells.

Phase 3: Application Confirmation / Stabilization / Cryopreservation
Application-directed, antibody confirmation screening
Isotype analysis
Static culture concentration determination
Cell line stabilization / culture acclimation
In-vitro antibody production, Bioreactor (1 isolate, 75 - 100ml of supernatant)
Cell cryopreservation (up to 5 isolates, 3 vials per isolate)

Microscope with blue light
Phase 4: Optional Services - Additional Characterization
Confirmation testing - western blot, FA, ICC, IHC, as required
Cryopreservation of Master and Working Cell Banks
Specificity analysis - homologous / heterologous testing
Cell line stability analysis/verification, stress testing

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