BluePoint Bioscience also provides additional cell culturing services focused on refining, maintaining, and characterizing previously derived cell lines. All procedures are tracked and documented to ensure cell line reliability and confidence.

For complete details concerning cell culture services that BluePoint Bioscience has to offer, please contact our project management team.

Phone: 301-874-3981 • E-mail: BluePoint@BluePointBioscience.com

Cloning by limiting dilution
Cloned to 100% cloning efficiency monitored by specific activity assay

Production of Master Cell Bank (MCB)
Production of Working Cell Bank (WCB)
High cell concentration freeze
Freeze-thaw viability analysis
Freeze-thaw cell recovery analysis

Isotype testing
Immunoglobuln concentration determination
Western blot
Specificity analysis - homologous / heterologous testing

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