BluePoint Bioscience LLC is committed to providing high quality ACCUFI-FA™ investigational products for the detection of viral pathogens. The ACCUFI-FA™ Immunofluorescence Assays are indirect immunofluorescence tests designed to qualitatively detect specific viral pathogens in infected cell cultures. Respective monoclonal antibodies, in the primary reagent, will bind to fixed cell preparations, and unbound primary antibody is removed by rinsing with wash buffer. DyLight™ 488 Anti-Mouse conjugate, in the secondary reagent, will bind to the monoclonal antibody - viral antigen complex and unbound secondary antibody is removed by rinsing with wash buffer. The reacted fixed cell preparation is mounted for examination by fluorescence microscopy, and a positive result is indicated by bright green fluorescence staining of the infected cells.

This product is for research use only and is not intended for diagnostic use.

To order BluePoint Bioscience ACCUFI-FA™ kits, please contact our sales representatives.

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ACCUFI-FA™ Kit Description Product
Price USD
one unit
Price USD
2-3 units
D-10001 CMV Immunofluorescence Assay ACCUFI-FA™ CMV $126.00 $113.00/ea.

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